My vision for this manual is that it will become a reference book, providing tools for practitioners who wish to work in the field of EAA/T and help individuals restore their lives. I want my manual and book, Horses Heal PTSD: Walking New Paths to reach a global audience, so that they can be used to help improve the lives of those who have experienced or are still experiencing trauma. I want to offer them a way to heal through the human-horse bond.

This manual will provide practitioners with knowledge of practice. Knowledge that combines the physical, emotional, and logical into one exceptional experience via the human-horse bond and EAA/T. It will guide the practitioner who wishes to use EAA/T as a holistic healing methodology.

Session 2: January 5, 2022 Horseback Riding
Session 3: March 2, 2022  Trail Riding



Topic: Visionary Manual for Practitioners who Partner with Horses to Heal  PTSD – Single Session 2
Hosted By: Anita Shkedi
Start: Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022 06:00 PM
Category: Zoom Lectures
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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