Transcending Trauma

The Transcending Trauma Project is a life-changing program that addresses the profound impact of October 7 on Israeli soldiers and their families, displaced persons, and Nova Festival celebrators.
Led by Dr. Anita Shkedi and a team of dedicated professionals, this innovative human-horse therapy approach is transforming lives affected by trauma. Participants are finding solace and strength in the presence of our horses, sharing
moments of relaxation and healing that lead to profound personal growth and greater resilience.

The project supports individuals in the early, mid, and post stages of trauma, and then later if chronic PTSD has developed. It provides immediate intervention and treatment, builds resilience and encourages post traumatic growth. Transcending Trauma is an excellent way to regain a sense of trust and learn to manage this ongoing crisis.

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We currently have a waiting list as the demand for our program is high. To be maximally effective we limit each group to 12 participants.

The program is free of charge. One-hundred percent of your donation goes to cover the cost of participation (therapists, horses, venue and equipment, insurance).