A Balanced Year

Looking back at the past year, I am asking myself the question, “have I had a balanced year, materially, spiritually, physically and socially”?

These are my answers.

Despite a year of Covid-19, and lockdown, I have found a way to stay afloat, give my husband who has severe dementia the best possible care, and keep my house.

I wrote a book and developed a new website. The book is almost at the printing stage. I love it and I think this is my best book, however, I have only written two!

Lockdown gave my website, which must be my legacy. A website for the future that is full of knowledge and experience, and in the coming year will be a place where I can ask other experts to join in my quest to inform practitioners of best practice. In 2021 it will provide new opportunities for checks and balances for professional work ethics, and quality of practice.

Do I feel fulfilled?  Professionally yes, personally no, there is still a lot more I want to do. I really want to go to Galapagos and spend some time again in Japan. Having said this, I am a happy person, and have the ability to look on the bright side of life.  

Spiritually I feel I am growing, and now openly seek the contact of those who are more spiritually wise. I have some friends who are in the business of spirituality, and during 2020 I enjoyed joining them through Zoom. Spiritual fulfilment gives me, my soul even greater power as I venture forth into 2021

Physically 2020 was not such a good year. Sitting at the computer I have put on 3 kilos, which must come off. When my job finished, and my old horse became sick from melanomas, I stopped horseback riding regularly. I don’t ride my bicycle and take walks as it has all become an effort.  I use the excuse that my discs are doggy, and that I should take it easy if they were to take me to the end. I have done quite the opposite of what I knew I should do and that was exercise.

Socially, the past year has been good for new and renewing old contacts. I have really enjoyed a daily email contact with old school friends around the world. I am learning to use my phone more; in fact, I now carry it around with me instead of leaving it somewhere and never checking who had called. Perhaps there was another reason? Just before Covid-19 shutdown I received my hearing aids. What a difference, instead of lip reading and constantly having to lean forward to listen to people, or just saying ‘Yes’ or nodding to people speaking to me when I hadn’t the foggiest what they were saying, I can hear them! I am blue-tooth connected to the phone and music from the 70-80’s.

I have enjoyed long discussions with my brother who has spent time giving me his opinion about the quality of the vaccines, and I always respect his opinion. I have had my first doses of vaccine and go for my second on Wednesday morning, sometimes it’s good to be 73 years old. After vaccination I felt as high as a kite, until the adrenaline crashed at 6pm in the evening, and all I wanted to do was to sleep. I love seeing my grandchildren and family. I am proud to report my rockery at the front of the house looks amazing.

I look forward to seeing you on the 3rd of February for a zoom lecture reflecting upon EAA/T practitioner practice. I have invited Kitty Stalsburg to join me for this Zoom, See you!


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